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Our goal is to help you make profit daily, with our method it's a win win situation anytime we give you picks, we give you two opposite tips, with different odds in different bookies, either ways, there's always profit for you.

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Get top quality picks on all kinds of sports, accross all betting platforms in Africa, Work with us and you'll be smiling to the bank.

After developing this new technique of ours, we deployed it and found out it's efficacy, the result is outstandingly overwhelming, on this ground we decide to take it to the global stage, we want everyone to benefit from this loop hole of ours, so join us today as we ride on to Forever victory.

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MATHGAIN as the name implies, it's a game based on mathematical analysis, a system designed in such an effective manner whereby profit is guaranteed the instant you stake your bets.


Mathgain is placing one bet per each outcome with different bookmakers of a particular game or sports event. Since each outcome is backed with a mathematical advantage, a win is always guaranteed

The winning bet can cover all losing bets and the betor would still make profit.


This example shows how mathgain completly works, No losing.

(16% profit)

Invest with #100,000 on this particular match Football.

Belarus. Premier League 16:45

BATE Borisov Vs Gomel

Bookmakers (betting sites) used; merrybet / 1xbet

Pick (Both teams to score Yes and No)

Merrybet 1xbet
1.90 Odds 3.0 Odds
Stake #61,224 on 1.90 = #116,326 Stake #38775 on 3.0 = #116,326

Elther way you make your money back with additional 16k profit no lose


X Its not fixed (scam)

X Its not cs correct scores(chance)

X Its not predictions (chance)

X Its not rollover (very risky)


Can you imagine making an average of 7% of your capital/investment daily without risk of loss??

Imagine that in 30days, you get yourself paid monthly without stress.

Get a steady profit every day in sport betting with no risk, no high BP.

we do the scoute, you make the gain no matter the outcome,

we call it SURE GAME / GAIN.

Our Predictions cuts accross all major bookmakers in Africa.

Below is a list of bookmakers we make use of, odds we'll provide can be bet on any of the following bookies.

If you don't have an account with any of them yet, click on the banner or the link to register, it's important.

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